God bless every mother who has held back tears to cradle us, kiss us, and tell us stories until we fell asleep. Every mother who had only seconds to wipe away her tears and paint a smile the moment you naively begged her to color with you. Every mother who performs miracles by respiring on the spot, reanimating her every limb, so to give her children a happiness even she is foreign to. 

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wallahi round 15 times a day on average (usually its more) i sit there and i am just in shock at how beautiful, smart, hot, cute, perf i am. i am so great. ›


ok, here is my summer playlist from high school :\/:

  1. black mags - cool kids
  2. get down - dyme def
  3. blow up - j. cole
  4. fat boys - pac div
  5. top down - swizz beats (obviously from GTA IV lol)
  6. playas punch - dom kennedy
  7. driving down the block - kidz n the hall
  8. who’s that brown…